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Kellogg's Fruits Granola Strawberry Cereal 600g

Kellogg's Fruits Granola Strawberry Cereal 600g FOD

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You can enjoy the original taste of strawberries as it is freeze-dried as it is without using sugar while using freshly sliced morning-picked strawberries.
It is a delicious granola that you can enjoy appetizing and eating texture using ingredients such as apple, sultana raisins and pumpkin seeds.
Because preservatives and coloring materials are not used, you can enjoy deliciously with your family.
Six kinds of vitamins (vitamin B1 ? B2 ? B6 ? niacin ? folic acid ? E), iron, dietary fiber etc. Nutritional balance is a perfect score.
Per 40 g: energy: 170 kcal, carbohydrate: 30.0 g, protein: 3.0 g, salt equivalent: 0.3 g, lipid: 4.6 g

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