Club Cosmetics Suppin (Bare-face Look) Cream Marshmallow Matte Pastel Rose 30g HWY

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24h Skin Care Sleeping without touching face wash!
Show your skin more beautiful
Skin tone UP with fluffy pink cream!

I want to be told that it is always skin beautiful 24 hours a day!
Fulfilling the wishes of such girls, it is a face cream that makes skin look beautiful while being skin care. To the end, no makeup feeling. Nevertheless, this one makes ideal skin feeling.

1 Soft and smooth marshmallow matte skin
A mousse-like light cream makes the color unevenness and pores inconspicuous, as if you veiled your skin softly, and it shows it to the bare skin that you just uped.
2 Cleansing is not required! I will sleep as it is
It's a skin care cream so you do not have to wash it off OK!
* If you use make-up items and sunburns other than this item, please do cleansing and facial cleansing.
3 Gentler to your skin than it is snugly
Filter ingredients (Algae Extract) guard your skin from cigarette smoke and dust! In addition, hyaluronic acid ? collagen (moisturizing ingredients) gives moisture and protects your skin from drying.

If it is applied as a makeup base to the part where pore and texture disorder is worrisome, without making the foundation thicker, we will make the irregularities unnoticeable.

Recommended when you want to make it look nice and clean!
Hot Spring Travels Family Association Somewhere with you staying there

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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