Kiss Me Ferrum Red Thistle Liquid Rouge 02 HWY

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Product introduction
Like a lipstick to paint for the wrinkle, you can paint the contour clearly, you can apply directly Liquid lipstick with integrated red brush. Easy to draw beautifully to mouth corners, is a flat brush type that is easy to apply to the lips. Coated film with a comfortable thickness, smoothly covers vertical wrinkles and irregularities that you care about. With smooth texture it is not sticky, with moisture veil and elegant shine unique to Liquid Rouge gives a youthful and healthy mouth.
Cover dullness of the lips, coloring while watching clearly. Even if time goes on, we will keep the beautiful finish for a long time with the tint type which color is hard to fall down. Composition of four essential liquid ingredients that gives rich moisture (Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Royal Jelly Extract, Chamomile Extract), shea butter (moisturizing ingredients) to seal the moisture.

Usage notes *For wounds, swelling, eczema and other abnormal areas, please discontinue use. *In use, or in case of sunlight after use, when redness, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. abnormalities appeared, stop using and recommend consultation with a skin specialist or our company. If you continue to use other cosmetics as they are, it may deteriorate. *Do not place in extremely hot or cold places, direct sunlight. *When you use after meals, please use after wiping your mouth.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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