Cow Brand SOAP Kewpie moisture body baby SOAP foam 400 ML HWY

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Product introduction
*Please do not use when there is abnormality in skin or scalp or abnormality appears. *Please rinse immediately when it gets in your eyes. Please keep it out of reach of children *. *Do not place it in a place where it becomes hot or cold or where it is exposed to direct sunlight. *Please use after opening as soon as possible. *This product is extremely cold at a cold place, or it may be difficult to foam. In that case, please use it after returning to normal temperature.*Hypoallergenic * weakly acidic * non-colored * nonfragrance *whole-body cleansing feet coming in with foam. Can also be used for hair *Prescription that is hard to blotch on your eyes (Because it is not unusual to notice abnormalities, so it is not aware of it, it is a slight prescription formulation) *skin allergy test completed *natural squalane formulation protects your skin *Milk Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid Blended with Casual * Drying Anxious Skin Moisturizes *Moisturizes the skin of delicate baby gently with creamy and elastic bubbles.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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