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Shiseido mini eyelash curler 215 HWY
Shiseido mini eyelash curler 215 HWY

Shiseido mini eyelash curler 215 HWY

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Product introduction
Partial curls such as eyelash hair and eyelashes from the corner of the eyes are mini eyelash curlers that can be gentle to eyelashes effectively. It is convenient for carrying.

Usage notes
When squeezing the eyelashes, please use after confirming that eyelids are not sandwiched. Please note that frames may be bent, such as when carrying. Also, please do not bend the frame part. The frame may distort and break. Before using, be sure to check whether the upper frame is set in the center of rubber. If not set, eyelashes may be cut. Please replace it with a new one as a rough guide for about one year with correct usage. Please keep in mind that it may lead to unexpected injury or accident if you use it as it is.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

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