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House Java Curry Roux Hot 185g

House Java Curry Roux Hot 185g FOD

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You can taste a spicy, deep curry that you have prepared with a deep rich onion and a rich aroma of spices.
Spicy and tasty curry, balanced between refreshing hot and rich flavor.

Ingredients ? Quantity
Garlic powder, onion processed product, defatted soybean, sesame paste, roast onion powder, chutney, whey powder, rice bran oil, wheat flour, tallow fat (beef tall oil, palm oil, palm oil), flour, salt, starch, curry powder, Milk powdered wheat flour, chicken extract, cheese processed product, onion powder, sugar, onion extract, roasted garlic powder, yeast extract, wheat fermented seasoning, garlic extract, cheese, glucose, coconut milk powder, seasoning (amino acids etc.) Caramel coloring matter, emulsifying agent, acidulant, perfume, sweetener (sucralose), spice extract

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