House Hokkaido Cream Stew Roux 180g FOD

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Using Hokkaido's 100% raw milk and natural cheese It is a very creamy stew with 100% raw milk produced from Hokkaido and natural cheese

Ingredients ? Quantity
[raw materials]
Natural cheese, fresh cream, processed cheese, onion powder, sweetened condensed milk powder, maltose, creaming powder, concentrated fresh cream, milk fat, Yeast extract, pork extract, spice, dextrin, onion processed product, seasoning oil, chicken extract, scorched butter oil, sweet corn powder, garlic powder, seasoning (amino acids etc), emulsifier, fragrance, antioxidant (vitamin E, vitamin C), acidulant, spice extract, (including soybeans as part of raw materials)

[Nutrition information display]
1 dish (product 18 g)
Energy ? ? ? 93 kcal
Protein ? ? ? 1.3 g
Lipid ? ? ? 6.2 g
Carbohydrate ? ? ? 7.9 g
Salt equivalent amount ? ? ? 1.7 g

When made with the indicated amount
(Use 1 dish / chicken thigh)
Energy ? ? ? 262 kcal
Salt equivalent amount ? ? ? 1.9 g
Dosage and dosage
[How to eat]
Material (10 dishes)
Hokkaido stew (cream) ? ? ? 1 box (180 g)
Meat (chicken, pork, etc.) ? ? ? 500 g
Onions ... 3 pieces (600 g)
Potatoes ... 3 inside (450 g)
Carrot ... 1 medium (200 g)
2 tablespoons of salad oil
Water ... 1200 ml (1050 ml when covering the pan)
Milk ... 200ml
* In case of half of the roux (5 dishes), half of the ingredients and milk, 700 ml of water (600 ml when covering the pot)

1. Do not scorch with stir frying
(Medium fire)
Heat the salad oil in a thick pot, stir-fry the ingredients cut into a bite.
2. Add water and boil water 1200 ml
(Low heat to medium heat)
Take the male and simmer until the ingredients become soft. (About 15 minutes after boiling)
3. I will put Ruu.
(I will stop the fire)
I melt it by putting roux in it.
4. Milk 200 ml until it cooks
(Low fire)
Simply simmer while sometimes stirring. (About 5 minutes) Put the milk and simmer further. (About 5 minutes)
Please consume immediately after opening.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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