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Fujimi RS-17 BMW M3 E30 1/24 Scale Kit
Fujimi RS-17 BMW M3 E30 1/24 Scale Kit

Fujimi RS-17 BMW M3 E30 1/24 Scale Kit

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BMW M3 Model Kit

This Fujimi BMW M3 plastic model kit perfectly resembles the boxy E30, right down to its squared-off front end. This particular BMW was well-known for its speed, something you can experience as you put together the scale model, one intricate piece at a time. Paint the car whatever you like, but research the line first. Find out what colors were available and which were most popular so that you can make your Fujimi BMW scale model as true to life as possible.

Marvel over the realistic details, such as the hood ornament and the decals for the grille. Add the M3 to your collection, alongside the other scale-model cars that make you dream of open roads and a full tank of gas.


  • 1/24 Scale
  • Item is plastic kit, assembly required
  • Painting required

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It's time for your model car collection to expand, and the BMW M3 plastic model kit is the perfect addition. Bask in a feeling of accomplishment as you place one more completed model on the shelf. Plaza Japan carries plastic model kits in all designs for cars, trucks, and more from brands like Fujimi and Aoshima.

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1 Review

Jason 23rd Jun 2018

BMW m3 fujimi

Lots of flashing and sinking but was a good price.

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