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Fujimi TOKU-76 IJN Battleship Haruna 1944 (Sho-Ichigo Strategy) 1/700 scale kit

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MSRP: JPY3,300
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Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

Following the release of the previous 1/700 Haruna off the coast of Mariana, we can reproduce the figure at the time of the battle off the Hishima that became the last battle.

Battleship Haruna was built at the Kobe Kawasaki Shipbuilding Company as the first private ship as the 3rd ship of King Geumgang Battleship, completed in Taisho 4 years.
It has been refurbished twice before the Pacific War and has expanded the battle.
Among the battleship group, Haruna of the fighting spirit plays a vital role in escorts of the mobile unit, ship fire at the enemy airfield, etc., and in the brave shape equipped with numerous anti-aircraft guns at the battle of Leyte, the last decisive battle of the Japanese Navy I participated in the war.
After that, it became an air defense boat in Utsumi and finished its lifetime by wrestling with the attack of the US shipyard machine outside Wuyang Port in July 1954.
Special series No.25 battleships on sale Now releasing a different shape from Haruna (at the time of naval battle off Mariana) with the adoption of new parts.

Special series is a general plastic model using paint and adhesive.
We created it by seeking the true figure of the former Japanese Navy's ship that everyone knows, and reproduced the appearance incorporating all the latest information currently being grasped.
By making use of the latest mold technology, we also made delicate expression possible.
Through shipboard plastic model, you can learn history and era background.
It is a plastic model that can be enjoyed beyond generations.

Made in Japan

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