Dr. Scholl Japan MediQtto Sleeping Leggins Lymph Flow Care Spats L Size HWY

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Apparel size (corresponding size): L size ---height / 155 to 165 cm hip / 90 to 98 cm thigh / 47 to 53 cm calf / 34 to 42 cm ankle 21 to 25 cm

Product introduction
'Medicut series while sleeping' for women who want to care for legs while sleeping. Just while sleeping, the legs will lighten the next morning waking up. Medicuct's unique 'KUTU-UP MANUFACTURE' realized both effective pressure application and soft skin texture. Spats is the optimum pressure value at bedtime, supporting your legs that worked hard during the day from ankle to hip. I care about the whole lower body to worry about.

Usage notes
1. Do not use if you have severe blood circulation disorder. 2. Please consult your doctor before wearing the next one. Those receiving treatment for diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, blood circulation disorder, depression thrombosis heart failure, inflammatory disease, nerve damage of the wearing site etc. 3 -Be wearing the following items carefully. (1) Please do not wear something whose size does not fit or overlap two papers. (2) Please be careful not to wrinkle or slack during use. (3) Please extend so that the fabric will not be rounded at the back of your knee and back. Please keep the mouth rubber straight without being folded back. 4. If you feel sick or feel uncomfortable, such as pain or numbness, itching, rash etc. abnormal, please stop using it immediately. 5. To prevent deformation of the product, please do not use or keep it twisted. * If you are pregnant, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting wearing. * If you have complications during pregnancy, please consult your doctor before wearing. * If you are wearing this product during pregnancy and feel abnormal please consult a specialist immediately. Because it is a type without a toe, heat and stuffiness during the holidays also diverge.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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