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Daiichi Sankyo MINON Amino Moist Moist barrier Cream 35g

Daiichi Sankyo MINON Amino Moist Moist barrier Cream 35g HWY

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- To make the fine wrinkle less noticeable by drying, it is light but firmly moisturized!
'MINON Amino Moist Moist Barrier Cream 35 g' is a moisturizing cream that care for fine wrinkles by drying, which contains nine kinds of conserved amino acids and two kinds of purified amino acids.
It protects the skin firmly, but protects the moisture with a feeling of use that does not make the skin feel heavy. It also supplements oil that tends to be deficient due to skin quality and aging, giving a natural gloss feeling.
No fragrance, no coloring, weakly acidic. Alcohol free. Paraben free.
Allergy test, patch test, stinging tested. Seriously tested by sensitive skin / dry skin people (not all people suffer from allergies, not to all people 's skin).

[MINON Amino Moist]
For sensitive sensitive and dry skin for fluctuating. To moisture, add shine.
While preserving hypoallergenic prescription, it supports 'beautifully, beautifully' up to texture, texture and gloss.
It is a skin care series pursuing balance of health and beauty.

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