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Daiichi Sankyo MINON Amino Moist Trial Set HWY

Daiichi Sankyo MINON Amino Moist Trial Set HWY

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Minon Amino Moist is a basic moisture set. Prescription that pharmacies considered sensitive and dry skin based on dermatology. We support barrier function to protect skin from external stimuli. 9 kinds of reserving amino acid formulation. Holding Amino acids penetrate the stratum corneum, store moisture, and support the original barrier function of the skin. Also included are two kinds of cleansed amino acids to support looking, touching, feeling Kimi - Hari - lustrous. It fills with moisture and aims at the beauty of a refreshing bare skin. A set for about a week.
- Easy cream type per skin: Moist milky cleansing (makeup remover)
- Vegetable Amino Acid System Cleansing Ingredients Ingredients: Gentle Wash Whipped (Foam Facial Cleanser)
- Comfortable to use, rich in moisture: Moist charge lotion II More Moist type (moisturizing lotion)
- Moisturizing milky lotion that seems to fit on your skin: Moist charge milk (2 servings) included

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