Daiichi Sankyo MINON Amino Moist Uruuru Whitenining Milk Mask 20g x 4 Sheet HWY

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- In addition to drying, it also prevents skin stains and stains at the same time.
- Sunburn - Prevent hot flashes after snowfall and skin.
- Adhesive soft muffled soaked with plenty of milk, tightly adheres to the skin, does not drip liquid.
- Emollient effect, arrange the skin texture that is easy to do, lead to a smooth touch.
- Hypoallergenic prescription.

Ingredients - Quantity

L-ascorbic acid, 2-glucoside, glycyrrhizic acid 2K

Water, concentrated glycerin, 1.3-propanediol, ethylhexyl palmitate, BG, flowing polyisobutylene, POE behenyl ether, myristyl myristate, dimethicone, lipophilic glyceryl stearate, phenoxyethanol, serine, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide Liquid, alkyl acrylate / alkyl methacrylate copolymer, xanthan gum, behenyl alcohol, di (phytosteryl octyldodecyl) lauroyl glutamate, arginine, glycerin fatty acid ester, glycerin ethylhexyl ether, POE hydrogenated castor oil, sodium chloride, natural vitamin E, DL -PCA - Na solution, alanine, glycine, L-valine, L-leucine, threonine, histidine, proline, citric acid, 5Na solution of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid, 2- Methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine-stearyl methacrylate copolymer, hydrogenated soybean phospholipids, polyglyceryl laurate, hyaluronic acid Na-2, L-lysine hydrochloride, cherry leaf extract, kiwi extract, tryptophan, vitamin E
Dosage and dosage

1. After preparing the skin with lotion, take out the mask from the bag and spread it. After opening the top and bottom of the mask that is folded in two, spread it sideways.
2. After aligning the mask to the eyes, attach to the position of the forehead and mouth, and bring it close to the whole face. It is more effective if you let the milk essence remaining in the bag blend from the top of the mask to your skin.
3. Peel off the mask after 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Please refresh the milk essence remaining on your skin with your palm.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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