Dainihon Jochugiku Anti-bug Spray Pre-Shower DF Family Use 200ml HWY

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Product introduction
An insect repellant spray that can be used from children to adults, blended with the new active ingredient 'Icaridin'.
Use ocean deep seawater gentle to your skin.
Large capacity 200 ml size that you can use plenty.
No fragrance.

Usage notes
do not drink. I will not lick. Do not aspirate. I do not see it. Do not rub your eyes with the applied hands. In case of eye contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Also, if you feel abnormal in your body, tell your doctor that this product contains ethanol and icarizine and get medical attention immediately.

[Other precautions]
Observe the prescribed usage method. Alcohol hypersensitivity, especially those with weak skin, should be avoided. Should you feel unusual on your skin, stop using it immediately. Do not hurt your eyes, wounds and so on. Do not apply to children's hands. The sustained duration of repelling effect against mosquito adults, blackfly (Buyo), ticks and Abu, when this product was used once was confirmed up to 6 hours. After use, again this product should be used again according to the duration and the situation such as sweating of the user. Depending on the type of fiber, it may cause stains and wrinkles, so check it in an inconspicuous place to use it, then wash it after use. Do not put on plastic products, food and drink, tableware, toys, feed.

[Storage and Handling Precautions]
Avoid direct sunlight and fire, keep it in a cool place out of reach of children.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese

*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

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