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Painting is a breeze with the help of high-quality Iwata spray guns and cups! Plaza Japan has a varied selection of Anest Iwata products to help you with all of your painting needs. Why waste your time with difficult messy trays of paint and streaky brushes? Opt for something effortless instead! An Iwata paint gun takes the hassle and strain out of model painting so you can complete your project flawlessly (and fast!) the first time.

Trade in Your Brushes and Trays with Anest Iwata Paint Guns

Painting is one of the most dreaded, meticulous tasks of model painting because it gets sloppy in no time. Dribbling paint onto surfaces where it doesn't belong is no fun at all. The beauty of Iwata spray guns is that they prevent all the mess! Low-pressure Iwata paint guns are ideal for delicate jobs where you need maximum control. Check out our range of Anest Iwata paint cups that are compatible with all our Iwata spray guns.

Depending on the type of paint you use, you can paint just about anything with your Iwata spray guns. Confidently change the color of an existing piece or bring new life to a new kit you’ve been dying to try. With Anest Iwata guns, you can even paint DIY pinstripes on your car or bike! You can get an Iwata paint gun with or without the cup, so peek at our collection today!

Model painting is fun again with the help of Iwata spray guns. Don't forget to check out Plaza Japan's assortment of Anest Iwata paint cups, too!