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Azone Figures

Azone is the must-have brand for Japanese figurines and realistic dolls that resemble the popular ball-jointed dolls of Japanese cosplay and collector fame. Plaza Japan has an Azone doll for everyone. You can recreate characters from the animes, mangas, and stories that you love, or you can put together your own character from scratch. Create a one-of-a-kind doll with our collection of Azone accessories today at our Japanese toy store!

Building Your Own Azone Doll

Azone makes it easy to build your own doll. Start with the body -- you can pick out a boy or a girl. From there, you can choose a headless body which allows you to pick out the head of your choice and gives you more control over the expression you’re looking for. You can also buy plain Azone dolls with heads that come complete with emotions and expressions.

Dressing up your Azone doll comes next! Explore the bounds of your doll's personal style with a variety of Azone clothing and accessories. Take control of your doll's age and aesthetic based on the apparel you choice. Do you want to dress your doll in casual clothing, such as jeans and t-shirts? Or do you want to go for something fancy like a frilly dress or a three-piece suit? In addition to selecting skirts, pants, and tops, you can also outfit your doll with a backpack, stockings, stuffed animals, and more!

Shop for dolls and accessories from Azone at Plaza Japan today!