Bandai Face Masks

Japanese beauty products are frequently cult favorites. Makeup artists often turn to them for dewy, glowing complexions. Of all the products that have made it into the mainstream of the cosmetics industry, the Japanese sheet mask has made one of the most substantial splashes. If you haven't yet tried one, you're in for a treat. Over are the days of smearing your face with a mask -- now you can get all your skincare in just one sheet!

A Rose By Any Other Name

Bandai has some of the most popular Japanese beauty products on the market. Why not try a Japanese face mask from the Rose of Versailles series? The illustrations on each mask are so gorgeous, you won't want to tear open the packet—but you'll be glad you did!

Uncover a mask for every type of skin and every potential problem. Add moisture, hydrate your skin, clear out your pores, or balance your complexion. The result will be a smooth, even, and incandescent skin tone that glows from the inside out.

Head to Plaza Japan today to find your perfect Japanese skin mask. Browse through our selection of Japanese beauty products to find the right sheet mask for you! Once you apply your skincare via an easy-to-use sheet, you'll never want to apply it any other way again.