New Amazing Rare Cards Arrive in S3a – Legendary Heartbeat!

New Amazing Rare Cards Arrive in S3a – Legendary Heartbeat!

Posted by Braysh Gaming on 8th Jul 2020

Can you hear the Heartbeat of Legendary Pokémon? The Pokémon TCG is about to show you just that, as an exciting new type of card arrives in the latest expansion. Introducing S3a, Legendary Heartbeat!

Released on July 10 th and available to order from Plaza Japan now , this brand-new 76+ card expansion is a premium set, featuring seven cards per pack, and 20 packs per box. Each pack features one reverse holofoil card, and not to forget, there are new Amazing Rare cards hiding!

Amazing Rare? These are not your average Pokémon Cards, and we have already seen all six possible Amazing Rare cards introduced in this set. Prepare yourself for Celebi, Raikou, Zacian, Zamazenta, Jirachi and Rayquaza, a Legendary line-up that is set to change the TCG for good. But what exactly is an Amazing Rare?

We’re glad you asked. Not only do these cards have an incredible shimmering rainbow background, but it also looks like the colours are escaping from the image! You will see exactly what we mean when you pull your first Amazing Rare. Sure, they look good, but how powerful are they?

Let’s take Zamazenta Amazing Rare for example. It has an Attack called Amazing Shield – something that will dish out 180 damage, and prevent all damage done by VMAX Pokémon during your opponent’s next turn! Used correctly, you will be well on your way to taking three valuable Prize Cards!

How about Raikou Amazing Rare? It’s Attack, Amazing Shot, will do 120 damage to your opponent’s Active Pokémon – and 120 damage to a Benched Pokémon! No where will be safe from this Legendary dog!

Of course, it’s not just an Amazing Rare party. There’s plenty more that S3a has to offer, including another six V Pokémon and three VMAX cards!

And it’s not just Amazing Rare cards that are new around here either, as the latest Legendary Pokémon introduced into the Pokémon Franchise is about to make its debut – Zarude V !

Zarude has just been revealed for the Pokémon franchise, and is set to take centre stage in upcoming Pokémon Movie – Coco! Due to the delayed release of the movie, here we are getting it in the TCG before anywhere else!

Joining Zarude as V Pokémon will be Ampharos V , Alcremie V, Coalossal V, Steelix V, and Togekiss V! These cards will also come in their Super Rare “SR” forms, whilst the VMAX cards of Alcremie VMAX, Coalossal VMAX, and Togekiss VMAX, can be discovered Hyper Rare “HR”!

Will we also get another shiny “UR” gold Pokémon? With S3a, anything is possible!

That’s a lot to take in so far, but if you thought Legendary Heartbeat was done, then you are mistaken!

Moving on to Trainer cards, we have a nice mix of old and new Items to find! These Items are Great Ball, Switch, Pokémon Catcher, Moomoo Cheese, Hero’s Medal , and Rocky Helmet.

Wouldn’t it be great to see Moomoo Cheese as a gold Ultra Rare “UR” card? When playing this card, you can heal 30 damage to up to two of your Pokémon that have Energy cards attached. A not so cheesy effect!

No Field Cards this time, but there’s still room for some Special Energy cards in the form of Aroma Grass-Energy , Stone Fighting-Energy, and Twin Energy!

Saving Supporters for last as always, Legendary Heartbeat doesn’t show signs of slowing, as four new Supporters are introduced – including some Galar favourites!

The fan-favourite Marnie returns, along with Beauty, Allister, and Opal. It is yet to be seen if this set has any plans for more Marnie “SR” Full Art cards, but one thing confirmed already is that Allister will be available in stunning “SR”! We can’t wait to see who will join him.

Allister will let you draw three cards, and if you do, you may then discard up to three cards. Not bad from Stow-on-Side’s Ghost-type Gym Leader!

Phew! No wonder this is a premium set. Legendary Heartbeat is an expansion set to flip the Pokémon TCG world on its head. With packs boasting more cards than ever, brand new Amazing Rare Pokémon to be found, along with the long-awaited debut of Zarude, there is no question that S3a is a set not to be missed. So, don’t miss out and order from Plaza Japan today!