Pikachu VMAX hits the Pokémon TCG in S4 Astonishing Volt Tackle!

Pikachu VMAX hits the Pokémon TCG in S4 Astonishing Volt Tackle!

Posted by Braysh Gaming on 18th Sep 2020

Get ready for an electrifying new expansion from the Pokémon TCG! The poster boy for the Pokémon franchise itself, Pikachu, is finally Volt Tackling its way into your Sword and Shield deck with S4 – Astonishing Volt Tackle!

Released September 18, S4 is the brand-new core expansion from the TCG, featuring over 100+ cards that you will really want to order from PlazaJapan at lightning pace! Why? Pikachu V and Pikachu VMAX of course!

Sure, Pikachu is cute and cuddly, but can it do some damage? Well, Pikachu V has two attacks called “Charge” and “Thunderbolt”. “Charge” requires one Lightning-Energy, and using it lets you attach a further two Lightning-Energy from your deck… and then next turn you can attack. By discarding those Energy cards that Pikachu has just “Charged”, a mighty “Thunderbolt” attack will zap your opponent for a huge 200 damage!

Pikachu is not finished yet and takes on its trademark ‘round Pikachu’ Gigantamax form under its new Pikachu VMAX card. Pikachu VMAX has one attack, and naturally, it’s G-Max Volt Tackle! This attack will hit for 120 usually, but by discarding all attached Energy, it will electrify the opposition for 270! Cute, cuddly, and dangerous. This Pikachu is a triple threat.

Being a core set means more V and VMAX cards! Joining Pikachu V on the S4 roster are Orbeetle V, Talonflame V , Galarian Darmanitan V, Alakazam V, Galrian Sirfetch’d V, Drapion V and Aegislash V! Phew!

The V cards powering up to VMAX form are Orbeetle VMAX, Galarian Darmanitan VMAX and Aegislash VMAX. Now that’s a shocking amount of Pokémon to find!

Of course, all V cards can be discovered in their “SR” Secret Rare forms, while VMAX cards will all have “HR” Hyper Rare variants. We also expect another gold SR Pokémon to be included!

Moving on to Trainer cards, and of course a full core expansion, means Astonishing Volt Tackle gives us more than usual. Let’s start by checking out the three new Items – Drone Rotom, Telephoto Scope , and Memory Capsule.

Drone Rotom is a cool addition to the TCG. By playing this item, your opponent must reveal their hand to you, and then you can even check out the next card in their deck! This could be a really useful move to discovering any strategies your opponent may be hiding! Which Item cards will turn up as a gold Secret Rare this time?

Moving on to Supporter cards, S4 really dishes out the Galar Gym Leaders! Bea, Leon, Nessa, and even the League Staff are introduced into the TCG for the first time. Galar Champion Leon also comes with a powerful effect!

Playing Leon means that your Pokémon will do 30 more damage that turn. You will have a Champion time with this card for sure!

We are pleased to say that all three Gym Leaders here, Bea, Nessa, and Leon, have already been confirmed to have SR Full Art cards, along with HR Hyper Rare forms! We can’t wait to dive in and start pulling these cards!

That’s the S4 Astonishing Volt Tackle line-up, and what an electrifying set it promises to be! The power of Pikachu V and Pikachu VMAX combined with a whole host of further Pokémon to be found means that this set has so much to offer. Not forgetting of course, the Pokémon TCG debut of three of Galar’s finest trainers. This is a set not to be missed, so make a bolt and order from Plaza Japan now!