S2a Explosive Flame Walker sets the Pokemon TCG World Ablaze!

S2a Explosive Flame Walker sets the Pokemon TCG World Ablaze!

Posted by Braysh Gaming on 24th Apr 2020

Centiskorch VMAX takes centre stage in this new explosive set from the Pokémon TCG – introducing S2a, Explosive Flame Walker!

This next expansion from the Pokémon TCG releases on April 24 and is available to order from Plaza Japan right now . Featuring 70+ new cards, including some real Kanto and Galar favourites, this truly is a set that stokes the fires! So, what is coming our way?

As mentioned, the popular Galarian Pokémon Centiskorch will adorn the pack and box art this time, meaning for sure that we will have Centiskorch V and Centiskorch VMAX Cards! But what can they do, and how will they shape the TCG?

Start things off with Centiskorch V. Not only will Burning Train hit for a huge 180 damage, but it also has the attack Heat Radiation. Heat Radiation allows you to discard Energy from Centiskorch V, followed by an Energy from your opponent’s Pokémon. This is important when setting up for Centiskorch VMAX.

Why is that? Centiskorch VMAX makes use of those discarded Energy cards. G-Max Centiferno will blaze through your opponent for 40 damage, plus 40 more for any additional Fire-Energy cards attached. You can then add a discarded Energy to Centiskorch VMAX, leaving it ready to hit even harder next turn! Talk about too hot to handle.

Whilst Centiskorch may be the true Explosive Flame Walker, there is more V and VMAX Pokémon to discover! In comes another fan-favourite, along with a first-generation icon – Gardevoir V and Gardevoir VMAX and Butterfree V and Butterfree VMAX!

Any diehard fan will be pleased to pull these cards for sure, especially the beautiful Super Rare versions! The V Pokémon will come as Secret Rare “SR” cards, whilst VMAX cards could be pulled as Hyper Rare “HR” cards!

V-Pokémon Party is complete with the addition of Vikavolt V, Grapploct V and Galarian Stunfisk V ! That is a grand total of five new V cards and three new VMAX cards for S2a.

Hopefully, that might not be the only lot of rare Pokémon cards to find, as the Sword and Shield expansion has introduced a gold “UR”rarity Pokémon in each of its expansions so far. These Pokémon are also “shiny” on their respective cards, and so far, we have already seen this happen to Frosmoth and Galarian Perserker. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for which Pokémon it could be, but both Pokémon so far had been from previous sets. We’re going to have a guess at an Ultra Rare Oranguru this time! You heard it here first?

Let’s head over to the Trainer cards next, and as always, start with Items! There’s four never before seen Item cards here in Explosive Flame Walker, including Strange Can, Lookalike Bell, Old Computer and Big Parasol.

Old Computer features some vintage artwork from the original Red and Blue games and would look great as one of the chosen golden “UR” Ultra Rare Items without a doubt. It also has an old school effect, allowing you to flip two coins. If both coins are heads, you can then add a discarded card to your hand. This could be extremely useful in getting some key Supporters back into play, but we’ll come to that shortly.

Along with a new Field card, Glimwood Tangle , there is also a Special Energy card – Heat Fire-Energy. This card provides a standard Fire-Energy to any Fire-type Pokémon but will also add 20HP to that Pokémon. I guess Centiskorch just burned even brighter!

Finishing this explosive set is of course a Fire-type Gym Leader! Kabu from Motostoke City Gym no less. Kabu is joined by Pokémon Breeder’s Training as the only two Supporter cards this time, but don’t take these cards lightly. Playing Kabu allows you shuffle your hand into your deck. If your active Pokémon is your only Pokémon, draw eight cards. If not, draw four cards. Any seasoned TCG player will know that resetting your hand is one of the most important tools in the game.

It’s already been revealed that Kabu will have a fiery “SR” Secret Rare card, in all of it’s Full-Art glory, and we highly expect Pokémon Breeder’s Training to follow suit.

So, do you think you can handle the heat? Explosive Flame Walker is explosive by name and nature. Get ready to incinerate the opposition and turn their plans to ash with the G-Max Centiferno attack of Centiskorch VMAX, and then fan those flames with a whole host a powerful Items and Supporters! S2a is a Pokémon TCG expansion that packs some serious firepower that every deck will need. So, don’t miss out and order from Plaza Japan today!