What Are Zoids and Why Are Zoids Model Kits So Expensive?

What Are Zoids and Why Are Zoids Model Kits So Expensive?

Jan 31, 2023

If you’re a plastic model or toy collector, chances are that you’ll likely find yourself running out of products to buy within a given franchise as you expand your collection. Some collectors will navigate this issue by exploring new franchises that they can get into. Take, for example, Technozoids. Zoids are a bit more obscure than your average franchise, and you’ll find that prices for these products can run a bit higher as well. But what are Zoids, why are Zoids models so expensive, and what else should you know as a prospective collector? Let’s dive into the world of Zoids together to help you build your Zoids HMM collection with confidence!

Introducing the Zoid Universe: The Story Behind Your Zoids Model Kits

Zoids model kits: A Zoid in the grass

Unless you’re already a fan of the series, most don’t know what a Zoid is. Technozoids, most often referred to as just Zoids, is a Japanese science fiction franchise and product line that has been around since 1982. Zoids exist on a planet known as Zi and are biomechanical life forms that feature a core designed to act as both a heart and mind. However, they’re very much mechanical in nature. A good comparison is Transformers, but with a greater focus on other forms of life rather than humans.

As you’re shopping for Zoids model kits, you’ll notice that these characters are designed after various real or fictional creatures. These include Zoids that are dinosaurs, insects, and even dragons. Beyond the Zoids models currently on the market, Zoids has also produced anime, manga, video games, and more. If you’re a big fan of mechanical creatures in other anime and product lines, you’re sure to love Zoids HMM figures!

So, Why Are Zoids So Expensive?

While many Zoids model kits aren’t outrageous, you may notice that there are a few that really break the mold and sell for hundreds of dollars. But why are certain products in the series so expensive? The answer might not actually be what you think…

Generally speaking, most series with more expensive products are expensive because of high demand and rarity. This isn’t necessarily the case with the Zoids series. Zoids never became as popular as some of their competitors. This means that a lot of the older kits weren’t mass-produced in order to meet an extensive demand. As a result, these are rarer (but aren’t driven by the same factors as other expensive product lines).

Still, there are plenty of Zoids model kits that are quite affordable for those who might be interested in getting into this franchise. From full product kits to accessories that can be used with various models, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you and falls within your budget!

What Else Should I Know About Zoids Models Before I Buy?

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Getting into a new franchise (let alone a new series of collectible products) means doing extensive research beforehand. Otherwise, you can end up spending money on the wrong items, purchasing characters you might not want or fully understand. If you’re interested in investing in model kits, here’s what you need to know about the various Zoids products before you deep-dive into the world of Technozoids!

  • Zoids HMM simply means Zoids Highend Master Models. These kits are the result of a partnership between Takara-Tomy and Kotobukiya. They feature poseable injection-model kits that are highly focused on attention to detail. It’s important to note this because there are several product releases. Some of the other Zoids model kits that you might come across include Fuzor Zoids (Zoids that are simply a combination of other Zoids), pre-HMM Zoids, and more. 
  • Within the various lines of Zoids, you’re going to come across several types of themes (even though some older Zoids are unthemed, so to speak). This includes Guylos Empire Zoids, Helic Republic Zoids, and even Zoids modeled after anime like Zoids: Century. There’s a lot of variation when it comes to Zoids models, so it’s important to pay attention to the different types and know exactly what you’re buying before you do. 
  • If you’re looking to customize existing Zoids model kits, they do sell individual accessories that you can use to customize the products that are in your collection. Given that Zoids are rooted in action, this means that you can purchase accessories like cannons and more. If you like going back to some of your previous Zoids HMM models and customizing them further to add something entirely unique to your collection, you’ll have no problem doing exactly this with the Zoid series!

Sure, Zoids may never have thrived as a franchise in the way that some other mecha series have. That being said, there’s plenty of exciting lore and characters to explore in the series for those who are interested in the Zoids model kits on the market. The above is a great place to get started, but there’s so much more to learn when you dive into the Zoids franchise (models, anime, manga, video games, and more material published).

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