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Get ready to take on a quest to capture your favorite monsters! If you’ve played Monster Hunter, then you’re bound to recognize some of the toys in the Capcom collection at Plaza Japan. These toys range from cool figures you can display on a shelf to cute and cuddly plushies even the kids will love.

A New Type of Cuddle Monster

Don’t let the fact that they’re monsters fool you. It’s time for a cute spin on your favorite scary monsters! Capcom offers a variety of plush dolls inspired by your favorite monsters from Monster Hunter. These Japanese plushies are perfectly adorable versions of characters from the game, and you won’t be too scared of these monsters to cuddle with them!

Get Your Own Monster Sculpture

Are dragons your thing? Do you prefer realistic figures over plushies? If that sounds like you, then you’ll love our creator’s model of a Fire Wyvern! Whether you choose the fire wyvern, thunder wolf wyvern, or something else, these sculptures will look impressive in a place of honor on your shelf or desk. Each one is highly detailed and fully assembled so it’s ready to display. These Capcom toys are an easy way to show off your love for one of your favorite games!