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No matter what vehicles you love, Plaza Japan has Aoshima car and bike models to fit your aesthetic. Maybe you love classic muscle cars, or perhaps you're enamored by stylized semi-trucks. From the newest models and flashy race cars to tractor trailers and the hottest bikes, our selection of Aoshima model kits is second to none.

Everything on Four Wheels

With our wide assortment of Aoshima car and bike models, you can put together niche favorites such as lowrider trucks in the old-school style or sturdy, durable SUVs. Do your tastes run a bit fancier? No problem! We have Jaguars, gorgeous Gazelles, and Lamborghinis, too.

Looking for something large and in charge? We stock Aoshima model kits of big rigs, massive trailers, and all-terrain vehicles that are tough looking, but fun to put together. Choose from pre-painted options and DIY kits that include all the parts you need.

Two-Wheeled Kits

Satisfy your desire to ride the open road on two wheels. Check out Aoshima model kits devoted to motorcycles. The Kawasaki Ninja is a sleek big seller, while our Yamaha models will have you yearning for a bike of your own. From dirt bikes to classic hogs, we have you covered!

Come browse the Aoshima car and bike models at Plaza Japan today!