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Arii’s High-Quality Plastic Model Kits

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, but high-quality, plastic model kit that’s sure to please novices and skilled builders alike, Arii models kits are a fantastic choice. Similar to the old Bandai kits, Arii models have a familiar feel that hobbyists and collectors love. These Japanese plastic model kits are an amazing value—especially at these prices—so go ahead and stock up!

Kits You Can Be Proud to Display

If the devil’s in the details, these Arii plastic models are bad to the bone. When it comes to scale models, even the minor features matter, and Arii does a great job keeping even the most discriminating builders happy.

Arii provides unique color combinations, cool decals, accurate scaling, clear and concise instructions, and high-quality components. Choose from a wide range of your favorite vehicles, including classic cars, ships, military vehicles, locomotives, and so much more.

Shop with Confidence

All of our high-quality, plastic model kits ship straight from Japan to your front door. In order to guarantee your complete satisfaction, we insure all of our shipments. Most products will arrive within 7-10 days.

Every Collection Needs an Arii!

Every model kit collection deserves at least one solid Arii build! Why spend more when you can get high-quality Japanese kits for less at Plaza Japan? For more information, simply send us an email at, or send us a message online through our secure website. Our Arii plastic models are such a great deal, so place your order online with full assurance today.