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Pokemon Plastic Model Kits

Fans of the franchise are about to go gaga for Plaza Japan’s Pokemon models! Whether you put together a tableau of battle-tastic adventures or focus on your favorite character, Plaza Japan ensures that you're spoiled for choice. After you finish playing Pokemon Go, Red, or Blue, you can just head to your room where the shelves will soon be filled with Pokemon 3D models. You never have to go further than your bedroom to catch 'em all!

All the Pokemon

Do you have an eye out for a particular Pokemon model? Explore our wide range of 3D models depicting your favorite Pokemon, such as Pikachu. There are even sets that come with two characters who are fully prepared to battle it out just to become your personal Pokemon. How about pairing Diancie with Xerneas or Yveltal?

The best part about our Pokemon 3D models is how true-to-life they are! After all, 3D renderings are more eye-catching than their two-dimensional counterparts. The multidimensional structure of these models also provides an extra challenge as you assemble your new favorite pal.

Shop at Plaza Japan today to satisfy your Pokemon craving. Our Pokemon models will delight you for hours. Which one do you want to catch first?