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Fujimi Car & Bike Models

Fujimi model cars and bikes can be true-to-life or fantastical. It all comes down to what you like as you put together your models. From sporty cars to utilitarian vehicles to bikes that appear to be built for speed, Plaza Japan offers an array of Fujimi models in an impressive assortment of scales. Shop for pre-painted models to save some time or opt for unpainted models that you’re in control of from start to finish. You can even find additional parts and extras to change up the look of any model you buy. Take a look at our authentic Japanese model kits to add to your collection today.

Need for Speed

Whether you enjoy assembling and displaying Fujimi model cars, trucks, or motorcycles, we have something for you. Our Fujimi cars are available in a variety of models and styles. Are you creating a display or a diorama? Consider including a pre-painted minivan or a NEXT car. Give in to your flights of fantasy with a futuristic car that has eye-catching details. You can even put together a Jimny or a Land Cruiser.

Our Fujimi collection also includes motorcycles and scooters in an assortment of colors. Try your luck with a Honda Super Cub. For something even more challenging, check out or Fujimi aircraft model kits. Why not make it a goal to put together a model of every vehicle type? You can conquer the land, the sea, and the air with your hobby. That will make for hours of fun!

Add to Your Collection Today!

The next time you’re shopping for a new model, spend some time browsing through our new arrivals. In addition to finding new Fujimi model cars, you’ll also discover trucks, bikes, and aircraft, not to mention an eye-popping selection of additional brands. Pick out a new model or two from Plaza Japan.