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Japanese Deodorants

You might think that Japanese deodorant is the same as deodorant from anywhere else in the world, but that's not entirely true. Plaza Japan has a selection of antiperspirants and deodorants that tackle unique problems and smell sweeter. Not only can you find top-selling Kao deodorant and Biore deodorant, but we also have an assortment of additional underarm products that focus on a variety of issues.

Kao Deodorant & Biore Deodorant for All Your Underarm Needs!

Do you ever forget to put on deodorant? It's a common problem which is why you can find Japanese deodorant in a convenient ball form. Yep, all you need is a Deoball from Rohto, tossed into your handbag or glove compartment for those days where you forget to swipe before you go.

Not feeling very fresh? Everyone sweats on warm or humid days. You may sweat more when you're excited or nervous, too. Kao deodorant can help with excessive perspiration, but you can also snag a pack of the brand's Japanese deodorant sweat wiping sheets. Some of them are scented to mask any unwanted odors while others have a pleasant cooling effect.

If you'd prefer a Biore deodorant, we have that, too! Once again, not only can you grab a deodorant spray or stick, but you can also find freshening wipes. That's another handy product to have in your purse!

Keep in mind that antiperspirant products aren't just for women. Plaza Japan has an array of deodorants and wipes that are made for men, as well. See why Japanese deodorant stands out from its competitors? Get yours at Plaza Japan today!