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If you've never put together an Ebbro model then you're in for a treat. If you have, then you already know how fun they can be. Ebbro plastic models have a sense of whimsy. Every piece is realistic, but the colors are vivid and the models themselves feature intricately detailed cars, planes, and trucks that you're hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Eye-Catching European Vehicles

The Ebbro brand features more than just the best selling cars, trucks, and planes -- they also put an emphasis on little known European machinery, too. Put together a Renault Fourgonnette, a service car that resembles something out of “Ghostbusters.” Or pick up an Ebbro model of the well-loved Citroens such as the DS21 or a classic van like the authentic Citroen Crepe Mobile or H Mobile Kitchen.

Something Different

Do you love race cars? Our selection of Ebbro plastic models is stocked full of them! From Team Lotus to McLaren, you can definitely fulfill your need for speed with our wide range of Ebbro race car models. Help yourself to Panzer tank models made just for girls or assemble a sleek, speedy jet from start to finish.

Think outside the box! If you're not familiar with seeing Renaults, Citroens, and McLarens on the road every day, then putting together your Ebbro models will open you to a whole new world of automotive models. Get inspired at Plaza Japan!