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Must-Haves for Active People

Do you love to hike, climb mountains, or bike through the woods? Then you need a water carrier. Unlike traditional water bottles, a water carrier with a hydration tube allows you to carry water hands-free. Folks who enjoy camping don't have to rough it anymore with this collection of pots and pans that are safe for the fire. Don't forget to grab additional cooking accessories for the ultimate outdoor culinary adventure!

More Than Anime

Plaza Japan has plenty of anime-inspired figures, but our collection of authentic Japanese products doesn’t stop there. Shop durable, heavy-duty Evernew products at Plaza Japan today, and make yourself at home in nature. Explore the RC hobby, or build a military scale model. All of our products are from authentic Japanese brands and ship directly to your home from our Japan location. Explore our collections to see what fits your hobbies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover why these pots, pans, and cookware are the perfect choice for your list of camping supplies.

Is titanium cookware better than steel?

Different pot and pan materials have their uses. If you’re camping, you need something that can hold and conduct heat. The titanium material will allow you to boil water or cook meals far easier in the wilderness.

Is it safe to cook with titanium cookware?

Yes, titanium is considered one of the safest materials you can choose for your pots and pans. It retains heat and is a naturally-occurring element that is very durable. That makes Evernew titanium an excellent choice for camping.

Can a campfire melt titanium pots and pans?

Titanium has an incredibly high melting point. It is unlikely that a campfire will reach even half of the temperature required to melt titanium. It is a perfectly safe material to include in your camping supplies.

How do you clean titanium cookware?

Most of the time, you can clean your Evernew cookware with simple soap and water. If your titanium cookware has buildup or you accidentally burned your meal, try boiling water inside the pan to loosen the burnt material.