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Our collection of Japanese foundations, concealers, and powders are like nothing you've ever tried before. The Japanese aesthetic is dreamy, soft, and whimsical, and nothing shows off Japanese style best than pearly hues of Japanese foundation makeup and cover-up. From vivid pigmentation to moisturizing formulas, Japanese foundations are created to transform the skin into a smooth canvas. Explore our assortment of foundations, setting powders, BB creams, and more today! You may even discover the coverage of your dreams!

Face The Day With Japanese Foundation

Looking for Japanese foundation that provides ample coverage? Experiment with BB and CC creams for a flawless look that balances your complexion and masks any blemishes. Choose between lightweight foundation in soft, subtle shades of pink or BB creams that act as putty to fill in pores and create a perfect finish. Marshmallow cream and blush pink are two of the most popular hues, but you can also find clear makeup bases and peachy shades in our collection.

Layer Japanese foundation makeup with concealers and setting powders to enjoy more coverage and to hold your flawless face in place. Uncover powders that leave a slight sheen as well as options that offer a matte finish. Consider what works best for your skin type.

Interested in a semi-professional approach? Explore professional-grade Japanese foundation that creates a reliable (and easy-to-work-with!) base layer beneath your everyday makeup. Using a Japanese foundation base makeup allows you to work on a clean, smooth canvas. It's a must-have for theatrical makeup, plus it can help you to practice new techniques!

Join the ranks of your favorite beauty gurus -- stock up on Japanese foundation, cover-up, powder, and more to get started! From there, check out Plaza Japan's array of lipsticks, cheek stains, blushes, and eye makeup. We have everything you need to highlight your beautiful features, so shop today!