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Women all over the world menstruate, but that doesn't mean that they all deal with their periods in the same way. Japanese pads and tampons represent different types of feminine products. From the scent and texture to the convenience, there's an impressive array of sizes and styles from which to choose. Check out the Japanese tampons and pads available in our collection of Japanese products online. You just might stop frequenting your neighborhood drugstore and start ordering your feminine hygiene products from us instead!

Japanese Pads & Tampons: Feminine Care Solutions

Wherever you are, you can order Japanese pads from Plaza Japan. What size do you need? We have an impressive assortment of materials and sizes, and we have panty liners for both light and moderate days. You can choose the size of your pad based on your body type, the behavior of your period, and the day-to-day needs you experience when you menstruate. Discover longer, thicker pads that you can wear during your heavier flow days, as well as overnight. Japanese pads with wings offer additional coverage and support. You can also find scented pads to mask any unwanted odors or you can opt for fragrance-free pads.

Our selection of Japanese tampons is no less varied! Shop for the equivalent of light tampons, regular sizes, and options for super and extra-super tampons. Snag a pack that you can carry with you when you travel or order a box that stays right at home where you need them.

Uncover an unbeatable array of Japanese pads and tampons at Plaza Japan. Make sure you’re covered for this month and place an order today!