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Japanese hair products run the gamut from everyday must-haves, such as shampoo and conditioner, to specialty products designed to improve health, growth, and overall appearance. We're happy to offer refills on your favorite shampoo along with scalp lotions to ease dry skin and Japanese hair care products to help you hold down your style. From Kose to Mandom, we have a variety of beloved brands available. Get ready to reap the benefits of an enviable mane that's nourished, moisturized, and living its best life!

All the Basics

Begin your hair care routine with the basic necessities. You don't have to wash and condition your hair every day, but proper hair maintenance requires a rigorous wash once or twice a week. Search for Japanese hair products that cater to your hair type, such as a shampoo that works to improve damaged hair or a lightweight conditioner that promises lift and volume. You may even want to purchase a scalp massaging brush to really work in that lather.

All the Extras

We have Japanese hair care to soothe any problem. Do you have a dry or itchy scalp? Snag a moisturizing scalp lotion for that. Repair your damaged locks using an algae-based mask. Pick out nourishing Kose hair oils to hydrate your tresses from top to bottom. Explore the benefits of horse oil, or choose a styling gel that guarantees your hairdo will maintain its shape. Help your hair to relax with a straightening serum, or try an at-home perm. Whatever your hair care need, we have a Japanese hair product to help!

Browse through Plaza Japan's selection of Japanese hair products and easily uncover just what you need. What do you use to nourish and style your hair?