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No matter where you live, you can visit Plaza Japan’s online store and experience what it's like to shop at a genuine Japanese drugstore. Plaza Japan allows to you buy all your favorite brands without leaving the comfort of your home—or your country, for that matter! Wherever you are, you can snag Kao beauty products, ROHTO skin care treatments, and even models from Furuta featuring your favorite characters, video games, and movies.

Convenience and Versatility

Shopping at Plaza Japan’s online store offers the same convenience as your local drugstore, except that Plaza Japan has items that you can't get at the corner Rite-Aid. Jump at the opportunity to get products you can't get at home. Help yourself to a package of pampering Japanese sheet masks to nourish the skin. Snag a few makeup products from the brands that all the beauty gurus use like the luxurious Kao. Take your skincare routine to the next level with an assortment of Japanese lotions and serums for any skin type from trusted brands like ROHTO.

A Little Bit of Everything

Like any drugstore, Plaza Japan has a little bit of everything. Browse through our selection of Kao beauty products, then move on to skincare and purchase a lotion or sunscreen from ROHTO. Get a model that you can assemble on a rainy day. Find a facial oil that can blast away all of your blemishes. Help yourself to a new lipstick or splurge on a new hair wax to keep your 'do in place -- at Plaza Japan’s online store, we have it all!

Plaza Japan is an unbeatable Japan online store. Shop today to find all the brands and products you ever wanted to try!