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Ever wondered what a Japan laundry room looks like? Take a peek into Japan’s favorite laundry products with Japanese cleaning supplies from Plaza Japan. We have all the Japanese laundry detergent and cleaning products you need to get your colors brighter and your whites whiter. You might see a few familiar bottles and jugs, but prepare to have your mind blown by the variety of supplies we have for washing and drying your wardrobe!

Branch Out With Japanese Laundry Detergent

Japanese laundry cleaning products are a bit different from what you may be used to because many of them are so economical. For example, with our Japanese products online, you can buy refills for your existing bottles, which cuts down on waste significantly. You have to admit that it's a handy option!

Adding to your convenience, why not consider using a Japanese laundry detergent spray? Spot cleaning is a breeze when you can spray away the stains. We have plenty of liquid detergents with antibacterial properties to deep clean your clothing and other items.

In addition to Japanese laundry detergent, we have an assortment of dryer products, fabric softeners, and scent sprays, too. With a sweetly scented fabric spray, your clothes will always smell fantastic in addition to being brilliantly clean.

Plaza Japan has all the Japan laundry supplies you'll ever need. Forget about sending your clothes to the cleaner -- with an arsenal of high-quality, heavy-duty products, washing and drying your laundry will become a joy rather than a chore.