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No one wants to put up with cracked, dry lips that feel rough to the touch. If soft, supple lips are what you're after, experiment with Japanese lip balm. Plaza Japan has an array of lip care products, including Japanese chapstick and balms with a subtle infusion of color. Whether you need a coat of moisture over your lipstick or a hardcore chapstick that will smooth out your pout, we have just the thing!

Japanese Lip Balm for A Kissable Pout

Depending on the level of protection you want, you can easily find a Japanese lip balm to soothe your lips. Rohto has a mentholated Lip Fondue line that not only cools chapped lips with a minty tingle, but that also has a subtle plumping effect. It's the perfect brand for anyone who wants a dash of color with their Japanese lip balm! You can even find a plain chapstick without fragrance if you want something without any frills.

For a can't-miss dose of moisturizer, check out Kao's Nivea lip care products. Snag a Japanese chapstick with scrumptious flavors such as peach and vanilla. Kao offers hydrating Curel products for lips, as well. You know how well Curel cares for your skin -- just imagine what it can do for your lips!

Check out specialty Japanese chapsticks like Cosmetic Roland’s intense lip creams with horse oil, or discover chapstick for children, complete with kid-friendly flavors like grape and cherry.

Nourish your lips for the long-term with the help of Japanese lip balm from Plaza Japan. How will you pamper your pout first?