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Perk up your pout with Japanese lipstick in striking hues that evoke the epitome of Japanese style. What's the use in applying gloss if it's going to rub off with every drink and every kiss? You want a lipstick with a high gloss and loads of longevity. At Plaza Japan, we have all you need to turn heads with Japanese cosmetics online at our shop. Our collection boasts a wealth of shades from the beauty brands you love best. Snag a racy red lipstick from Shiseido or a precious pink gloss from Bison. Once you have a kissable new color for your lips, check out the rest of our selection. There's a reason that we're the top spot for Japanese cosmetics online!

Kiss This with Japanese Lipstick

How do you want to style your lovely lips? There's a Japanese lipstick for every desire! Are you interested in a flush of natural color and a kissable sheen? Liven up your lips with a hint of pink or red and a high gloss that simultaneously keeps your lips moisturized. Check out luscious lip tints from Bison and keep that pout from getting dried out!

For looks that are all about the head-turning glamour, opt for a dramatic look with a rich lip color from Shiseido. Shop for Japanese lipsticks in highly pigmented hues that promise to last all night. You can always grab a clear gloss to layer over a matte lipstick to create a shimmery shade that won’t be forgotten.

Looking for a Japanese cosmetics online collection that supplies sumptuous liquid lipstick? You’ve found it! The Japanese Kiss Me brand lives up to its name. From rouge red to blushing pink, you'll find a shade in this Japanese liquid lipstick that suits both your skin tone and your aesthetic!

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