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Makeup artists of all skill levels love Japanese makeup, which often sets the trends that end up in the magazines. If your aesthetic skews toward magical, fantastical, and whimsical, then you have to check out the top Japanese cosmetics brands offered at Plaza Japan. Discover every product you could ever need, including BB and CC creams that provide flawless coverage and eye shadow with pigments for days. Take your makeup game to the next level and explore a brand new world of cosmetics.

Fierce Foundation

It all starts with the foundation, and no one does foundation like Japanese makeup brands. Check out BB and CC creams that offer poreless coverage and a flawless finish every time. Experiment with whimsical color palettes that include blush pink and marshmallow cream. Choose a clear makeup base to turn your face into the perfect palette for your favorite makeup products. Don't forget the concealer for those pesky problem areas and blemishes!

Feature by Feature

Plaza Japan has makeup for every feature on your lovely face. Take a look at Japanese cosmetic brands like Naris, Sana, and Kao to find finishing powders, eyeliner, vivid shadows, and more. Snag mascara and falsies to lengthen and thicken your lashes. Capture the natural flush of the Japanese aesthetic with peach-tinted blushes and lip glosses. Buy blotting papers to deal with unexpected shine when you're out on the town.

Plaza Japan has Japanese makeup for every skin tone and type. Browse through our selection and pick out the products that fit with your style and makeup aesthetic. Are there any cosmetic brands that you can't wait to try?