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Need to get rid of some creepy crawlies threatening to invade your home? Plaza Japan has the tools for that! In addition to Japanese bug spray that helps to get rid of pesky flying insects, we also have a variety of insect repellents to ensure that your home and private spaces are free of annoying pests. Whether you have problems with ants, flies, or mosquitoes, you can find the product you need to add to your arsenal.

Japanese Bug Spray: Solutions for Pest Problems

Discover a Japanese bug spray for the whole family, such as the Dainihon Jochugiku pre-shower bug spray. Shop for sprays that are fully waterproof, including the DJ shower spray, as well as bug repellents that you can put on whenever you spend time outdoors.

In addition to Japanese bug sprays, Plaza Japan has an assortment of additional products that can keep the insects at bay. For example, check out bug repellent wrist bands and sticker patches, which are handy, convenient, and easy to use. Though marketed for children, they're just as helpful to adults, especially if you're spending time in the woods, camping, or fishing.

To protect your home, patio, and porch from bugs, we have traps, strips, and similar helpful solutions. Mosquito coils will keep the ghastly critters away from you, especially while you're enjoying time outside. Sticky strips and containers are ideal for catching flying insects, such as fruit and bottle flies. We even have traps that can catch ants and cockroaches before they invade the house!

Plaza Japan has the tools and home cleaning products you need to keep away the insects. Find Japanese bug spray and more Japanese products online today at Plaza Japan!