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Other Japanese Hair Products

Ready for the best hair of your life? Plaza Japan boasts an eye-popping assortment of Asian hair products that ensure healthy, shiny, thick hair. Whether you want extra growth and texture or you want to give your scalp a good cleaning with a scalp massaging shampoo brush, you'll find it here. Experience what it's like to shop at a Japanese drugstore right from your own home. Discover Asian hair products you can't find anywhere else -- your hair will thank you!

Spoil Your Scalp

Your hair deserves to be pampered. The products you use to care for it can make a huge difference in your scalp and hair health. Help your shampoos and serums reach deep into hair follicles by using a scalp massaging shampoo brush. Experience a new level of cleanliness and feel your scalp tingle and know that you're promoting excellent hair health and exponential growth. Plaza Japan also has a variety of shampoos for you to try with your scalp massaging shampoo brush. Whether you’re looking for Rapunzel-like growth or shine that’s out of this word, discover the perfect shampoo for your hair type, then lather up and watch your hair dreams come true!

Next-Level Hair Care

You can fulfill all your hair care needs at Plaza Japan, no matter what they are. We have Asian hair products that promote straight, sleek hair, as well as perm kits that you can use at home for luxurious curls. We even offer hair serums that stimulate growth and thickness!

Take care of your hair with an assortment of the Asian hair products available at Plaza Japan. Shop today!