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Not only can you find a Japanese razor at Plaza Japan, but you can also shop for a variety of shaving accessories and hair removal products. That includes shaving gels that come with their own razor. Talk about a two for one deal! Get rid of unwanted hair on your face with our selection of Japanese face razors and straight edge blades that you can use to shave your full face, shape your facial hair, or even sculpt your eyebrows! Shop now for that baby smooth close shave you’ve been looking for!

Japanese Razors and More!

Full control is a must-have when you buy a Japanese face razor. Snag a Japanese razor from Shiseido for unbelievable precision. With a straight edge razor on an easily controlled stick, you can give yourself a standard shave or shape your beard, mustache, or sideburns. Banish stray hairs or groom your eyebrows with the fine, sharp edge. A Japanese razor is nothing without a good shave gel -- some of our shave gels even come with a razor for the ultimate 2-for-1 deal! Follow up with our collection of Japanese skincare brands for ultra-touchable skin!

Feeling like experimenting? Go beyond Japanese razors and consider a hair remover pad instead! Unlike Japanese face razors that require careful attention, a hair removing pad is a convenient way to remove hair from your face or any other area, including your legs and underarms. You can even use a hair remover pad to tackle stubble or stray hairs in between close shaves!

What kind of Japanese hair products will you go for? Pick out your favorite Japanese razor from Plaza Japan today!