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Studio 27

Uncover decals, extra parts, and accessories for Studio 27 models. In fact, you can even change up the look of your existing models with the help of new Studio 27 decals and stickers. Plaza Japan has decals for practically any Japanese plastic model kit! If you're shopping for a model that belongs to a brand other than Studio 27, pay attention to the dimensions of the decals to be sure that they will fit your perfect model vision!

Studio 27: Next-Level Model Building

Whether you're shopping for stickers to place on Studio 27 models or another brand, our array will spoil you. Decide how you want to decorate your model, then shop for the decals that fit. We have Studio 27 decals to fit race cars, domestic vehicles, military vehicles, jets, planes, and more. Studio 27 offers decals and other accessories that are perfectly fit to scale for their corresponding models. Take the opportunity to freshen up an older model with new decals and a new coat of paint. Change up the look of a model you've already built by adding different decals for a fresh new look. You can even purchase a new model then top it off with colorful details and stickers for a fun twist on an old style. Sometimes, the small additions make all the difference!

Browse through our stock of Studio 27 models and decals to fuel your hobby. Take a moment to subscribe with Plaza Japan to receive up-to-the-minute info about incoming products and upcoming sales.