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Rain or shine, you need to wear Japanese sunscreen all year long. In addition to getting next-level protection against harmful UV rays, which can affect your skin even when it's pouring outside, you will also get skincare that's power-packed with hydrating ingredients. Snag waterproof suncare, sunblock that you can wear by itself, and protecting Japanese skin care brands that you can layer on beneath your makeup without clogging your pores or smothering your skin. Plaza Japan has it all!

Stellar Sun Protection

Uncover Japanese sunscreen for every need and skin type. Rohto has a variety of suncare options, including a waterproof sunscreen that simultaneously hydrates your skin and a convenient sunblock stick. For a suncare cream that you can use in your daily beauty routine, check out Nivea products from Kao. Omi has a can't-miss collection of moisture milks that hydrate while offering protection, as well.

Finding the right Japanese sunscreen for you means finding an SPF level you can trust. Many of our suncare products are SPF50+. You can always find something higher if you need additional protection. Looking to get just a little bit of color from the sun? Opt for SPF40 sunscreens or below. You'll achieve just the right hint of a golden glow while shielding your skin from UV rays.

We have an array of Japanese sunscreens for kids as well as people with acne-prone skin. Experiment with a gel rather than a lotion. Remember, always choose a sunscreen for your body and something extra for your face!

Shop for Japanese sunscreen that benefits your skin type. No matter how you want to protect your skin from the sun, Plaza Japan has a product that does the job and then some.