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Tamiya Plastic Military Models

Investing in plastic military models from Tamiya is just that – an investment. Their prices may be irresistibly affordable, but the detailed models themselves are priceless. Explore our selection of Tamiya military models to better understand what we mean. Whether you put together a plane, a ship, or a tank, it will appear true-to-life, a miniature version of the real thing. 

What’s even better is that Plaza Japan doesn’t stop there. Along with our plastic model airplane kits, you can also find a variety of accessories that will bring your models to life. Small details make all the difference in the finished product.

Inspired by the Military

You can find plastic military models depicting an array of military-grade vehicles. The Tamiya tanks are especially popular. After assembling them, you can stage your own ground battles, whether it’s a skirmish that happened or a story that you make up in your mind.

Don’t limit yourself, though. Our Tamiya military models include model ships and aircrafts, too. Put together a Supermarine Spitfire to cover the troops on the ground, or assemble a ship to make sure that your models have sea-level protection, as well.

In addition to our Japanese plastic models, you can also splurge on the extras. You’ll be amazed by the realistic quality of our ration cartons, for example, which will bring another level of realism to your scene. They are so authentic that you almost expect each carton to be full of edible rations!

Browse Kits and Decals at Plaza Japan

You can add extra parts to compatible models, as well. Equip your Jeeps, tanks, and planes with new weaponry or protection. Don’t forget to stock up on decals so that you can change the look of your plastic vehicles if you’d like.

Ensure that you have fun activities to fill your time. Browse through our collection of plastic military models from Tamiya, and pick out pieces that catch your eye.