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Natori Fried Squid Snack Spicy 5 pcs.

Natori Fried Squid Snack Spicy 5 pcs. FOD

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It is a very spicy flavor of popular flavor.
I wanted to fried or fried fry, I put a spicy taste of deliciousness.
It is perfect for snacks as well as snacks for beer and highballs.

Ingredients Quantity
[raw materials]
Soy sauce, yeast extract, egg white, whole egg powder, seasoning (amino acid etc), leavening agent, trehalose (flavoring agent), sugar, salt, diced seasoning, spices, embryo, soybean protein, yeast extract, , Emulsifier, sweetener (stevia, licorice), coloring (carotenoid), (part of raw materials including milk and shrimp)

[Nutrition information display]
(Per bag)
Energy 257 kcal
Protein 6.0 g
Lipid 13.8 g
Carbohydrate 27.3 g
Sodium 582 mg
Dosage and dosage
Please consume immediately after opening.

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