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Discover HO Scale Structures and More

Miniature models of real life are quite popular, and there’s no end to what you can craft when you have quality model products on your side. If you’re expanding the city or your model train tracks, you can enhance your space with HO scale structures like bus stops or catenary poles. If you’re focused on the finer details beyond HO scale buildings and larger items, you can begin to make your space more lifelike with miniature characters and LED lighting that you can incorporate inside your model trains or throughout city streets. If you love making spaces that have a realistic quality to them, now’s the time to invest in more scenery to populate the space outside of your model train. 

Shop Plaza Japan Today!

We here at Plaza Japan have an extensive inventory of Japanese toys and models to add to any collection or build. Our wide range of HO scale buildings, model trains, miniature characters, and more offers limitless combinations and options to personalize your build. If you’re ready to bring more to your build, take a look at our online store or reach out to us with any questions you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about HO scale buildings? We have answers. Check out our FAQ below.

What does HO scale stand for?

“HO” stands for “Half O.” The HO scale is 50% of the size of the O scale, featuring a 1:87 scale ratio. Essentially, you’d have to line up 87 HO model cars end-to-end to reach the length of one real car.

What’s the difference between OO and HO scales?

While OO features a 1:76 scale ratio, HO features a 1:87 scale ratio, making HO slightly smaller than its OO counterpart. Perhaps their only other difference is their popularity — while OO is popular in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, HO scale models are the most popular size worldwide.

Why is HO scale so popular?

HO is popular among model builders for two key reasons:

  • Dimensions – The HO scale is a relatively happy medium between smaller scales like N and larger scales like O. Builders can assemble relatively complex environments and routes with HO scale buildings and tracks without sacrificing too much real estate.
  • Accessibility – Popularity is a cycle. Since HO sets are the most popular, they’re the most widely accessible from model train retailers. Since they’re widely available, HO scale parts are the easiest for new builders to adopt, creating additional demand for the size.

Which is better: HO or N scale?

Your choice between HO and N (another popular model train size) will likely depend on your available space. Since N scale is smaller (with a 1:160 ratio), builders can create more complex or intricate environments in more limited space than they could if they chose HO. If you have limited build room, and you’re looking to make a highly detailed environment, N might be the right choice — Plaza Japan offers a wide variety of parts in this scale, too.