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Instant noodles and ramen packs are famous among foodies in and outside of Japan. Sure, they’re convenient, fast, and affordable — but they also taste amazing! Japan has a long history with instant noodles, and it remains one of the nation’s favorite go-to meals today. Shop Plaza Japan’s collection of ramen to see why Japanese instant noodles remain a national treasure to this day.

Japanese Instant Noodles

Here at Plaza Japan, we offer pages of authentic Japanese ramen noodle packages for ramen-lovers to enjoy — from popular and nostalgic cult-favorites to rare, hard-to-find brands. We carry names like Acecook, Maruchan, Myojo, Nissin, Sapporo Ichiban, and Toyo Suisan, just to name a few.

Every cup of ramen is unique depending on where it’s made and who makes it. Shop our range of authentic instant noodles for your chance at experiencing all the ramen flavors loved across Japan. 

What’s your flavor?

Whether you prefer rich and savory miso ramen, eye-watering spicy noodles that light your lips on fire, or deep, tangy umami that’s addictively delicious, we’ve got your taste buds and ramen cravings covered with high-quality, authentic ramen sourced and delivered directly from our headquarters in Osaka, Japan. It doesn’t get more real than that!

No matter what kind of mood you are in, nothing beats a nice, warm cup of Japanese instant noodles to cure your hunger. Enjoy these meals as-is or make them your own by mixing in other authentic Japanese ingredients for a one-of-a-kind, customized twist on this classic, Japanese staple that never disappoints.