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Explore the Amazing World of Model Ships

Building plastic ship models is an enjoyable and rewarding process. Plus, when the building is complete, you can display an incredible and life-like model proudly. Some people who build models have large collections of naval vessels on display.

Regardless of whether you build models professionally or as a hobby, the best way to enjoy model-building is with high-quality model kits and parts found at Plaza Japan.

Authentic Japanese Plastic Model Ships Shipped to Your Door

Plaza Japan offers an extensive inventory of plastic models, including ships, vehicles, buildings, and much more. We carry a wide range of high-quality model kits shipped directly from Japan. As avid fans of Japanese culture, we send our products out fast to get them in your hands quickly!

Whether you want to start or expand your collection of models and kit accessories, we have the perfect products for you. No matter what types of plastic models you need, you’ll find them at Plaza Japan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about plastic ship models or battleship models? Here are answers to questions we commonly receive about model ship kits.

Who Makes the Best Model Kits?

Many companies manufacture ship kits. However, not all of them offer the highest quality models. Plaza Japan carries only plastic model kits, parts, and tools from trusted brands in the world of plastic model ship kits. Our store stocks products from Fujimi, Pit-Road, Aoshima, Hasegawa, and others.

Are Plastic Model Ships Hard to Build?

The difficulty of model building depends on the model you purchase. Model kits come with instructions to walk you through each step of the model shipbuilding process. You can buy and build advanced models if you’re a beginner-level model kit.

What Do You Need to Build a Model Ship?

Each model kit will have different requirements about what tools you need. Generally, you'll want a ruler, hobby blade, masking tape, and model paint. Don’t worry—you can find all the model kit tools you need at Plaza Japan.

What is the Most Expensive Ship Model?

The age and availability of certain ships and battleship models can cause them to sell for a lot of money. In 2015, a 12-foot replica model ship sold for about $206,000! You won’t have to spend anywhere near that much money for one of Plaza Japan’s high-quality model kits.