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Enhance Your Collection With Tomica Toys

Tomica has a lot to offer in die-cast vehicles, and you’ll find that there are a host to choose from that will allow you to seamlessly grow your collection. Are you looking for something Disney-themed? Look no further than the Takara Tomy Tomica Disney Motors Buzz Lightyear Star Command Car Carrier! Do you want something a bit more classic? Go with the Takara Tomy Tomica Chevrolet Corvette. They even offer sets like the Takara Tomy Tomica I'll Protect the Town! Firefighting Vehicle Set. No matter what’s most appealing to you, there’s no shortage of Tomica toys to help you get the most from your passion for die-cast vehicles.

Explore Authentic Japanese Products at Plaza Japan

Japan has a lot to offer, but finding the right products isn’t always easy. Plaza Japan helps you source everything from authentic Japanese die-cast vehicles to apparel with fast shipping directly from Japan. If you’re ready to expand your die-cast car collection or see what else Japan has to offer in our extensive inventory of items, shop now to get started or contact us if you have any questions!