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If you enjoy playing with mini 4WD race cars and other vehicles, then you’ll love the selection at Plaza Japan. Browse through our selection of Tamiya 4WD toys and accessories. Not only can you purchase race cars that can easily tackle any type of terrain, but you can also find parts and accessories to build an even better speed racer.

Take your RC hobby to a whole other level by customizing your favorite toys. You can make any vehicle more powerful. You can further customize your cars with decals and paint. Find out why the Tamiya brand is where it’s at for racers!

Vroom Vroom

The Tamiya brand offers plastic model mini 4WD cars and an array of must-have accessories. Browse our selection to find the most popular 4WD cars. If you’re an avid collector of model vehicles, then you’re going to love what we have to offer. Snag your favorite race cars and see which one takes the win!

A Little Extra

Customize your Tamiya 4WD toys with parts and accessories, including body sets, decals, chassis, and other types of hardware. Hardcore enthusiasts can even find what they need to build their own RC cars. Choose from a variety of custom wheels and additional features that will make your car stand out from every other racer on the track. All it takes is a little extra to make it extra spectacular.

Browse the Tamiya brand to find mini 4WD vehicles, parts, and accessories in a range of styles. Set up races with your friends and use your own customized car to ensure a win every time!