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Having the best in Pokémon isn't all about having Pokémon toys. Looking at Plaza Japan’s wide array of Pokémon merchandise, you’ll realize you can do everything from decorating your house to stocking your wardrobe with all the best Pokémon goods. Kids will love having Pokémon pillows and drinking glasses, but adults will also flip for our Pokémon home goods. Ready to redecorate?

Pokémon Accents

If you're on the lookout for Pokémon merchandise you don't see every day, we have it here! Hop out of bed in the morning to your Pokémon alarm clock, an adorable vintage throwback that pops with color -- and Pikachu, of course. In the bathroom and kitchen, hang hand towels adorned with the adorable Mimikyu. Serve up dessert on tiny, Pokémon-themed plates or pair your meals with on-point juice glasses emblazoned with popular characters.

Fun Accessories

How devoted to Pokémon are you? In addition to Pokémon home goods, such as plates and glasses, you can also change up your outfits as well! Pick up a Pokémon purse and walk out of your Pokémon themed-home with style to spare.

Uncover the latest Pokémon merchandise you won’t find anywhere else. Sip from your Pikachu cup or dry your hands with help from the whole gang. Remember: gotta catch 'em all!